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Chill at the Bo Cap Vang Resort for the weekend
Date : 2018-07-12
The Bo Cap Vang Resort is an ideal place to have fun with friends and family for a short weekend. The resort has many interesting games from folk games to unique games.
The resort is called by this name because of the spread of the yellow scorpion flowers are typical in this place. From the center of Ho Chi Minh City to Bo Cap Vang only takes about 1 hour by motorbike (25km) so it is very attractive to tourists.

Leisure activities at the Bo Cap Vang Resort

- The ecological area has a large space, can accommodate more than 2,000 tourists per day. So, this is an extremely suitable spot for mass gatherings;
- Chairs, hammocks are located all over the river and there is no cost to rent chairs or hammocks;
- In the tourist area, guests are provided with game tools such as batons, rope, duck feet ...;
- Especially, there are interesting terrain activities;
- Eating and drinking: The resort has folk foods from the South of Vietnam such as grilled fish, grilled chicken and ground chickens.
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Service price at the Scorpion Tourism

- Entrance fees (All days except public holidays) 40,000 / adult, 20,000 / child;
- Holidays are 50,000 VND / adult, 20,000 / child;
- Renting life jackets 10,000 / pcs / day;
- Free services: seats, hammocks, huts, canvas, tables, chairs, slides, bridges, game supplies, swimming on the river, bathrooms, rescue, health.

Organizing special for collective, mass organizations when traveling at Scorpion Gold


Team building games

- Collective games: wilderness call, flying carpet, distant house, communal house, city, dragons,...
- River Games: water polo, boat racing, special forest ...
- Physical games: Obstacles, tunnels, balances ...
- Historical game: Hoa Lu's uprising, Quang Trung Bac Tien
- Folk games: Monkey bridge, fishing by hand, bridge Kieu ...
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Group support services

- Design and organize the program as required.
- Support for car rental at competitive prices.
- Overnight accommodation for groups of 30 persons or more (60,000 VND / person for 30 persons, 80,000 VND for 50 persons)
When organizing overnight, the resort prepared thoroughly the items, stilt house, security ... for guests. Rental price:
+ Managing 500,000 / day
+ Speaker hands 30,000 / day
+ Small sound system 100,000 / hour, 150,000 / hour
The above is useful information from, wish you a happy weekend!
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